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The Direct Referral Income Way


How many times have you asked or has a friend or neighbor asked you for a recommendation for something (auto mechanic, painter, plumber, accountant, dentist, dry cleaners, hair dresser, nail technician, baby sitter, restaurant, etc.)?

You have probably gotten or given a reply like… oh this guy is great or the food at this place is fair at best, and made your decision based on that information.

The same is true with an investment. Whether it is in a stock, a bank CD (certificate of deposit) or a business looking for partners.

If you are happy, you will be glad to give a good recommendation to someone else.

If you are not happy, you will give a negative reply and tell them to stay away.

That recommendation, or lack of, has eliminated the doubt that person had and that is exactly what our Direct Referral Marketing Program is based upon, eliminating the doubt.

Now, if you could translate that referral into income, you would pretty happy, correct?

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